Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. What is NCLEX?
  • NCLEX is National Council Licensure Examination. If you pass this exam you will become the Registered Nurse of USA or Canada. It is like Nepal Nursing Council License Exam for being Licensed Registered Nurse. Same way, it is the License Exam for Nursing Practice in USA and Canada.
  • If your dream is to Live and Work as Registered Nurse in USA, your No. 1 priority would be passing NCLEX-RN.
If you join with NCLEX NEPAL we provide NCLEX Preparation Class holding the classroom with overall infrastructures and facilities. We provide latest study materials. Focused individual assistance and guiding them on their weak areas is our more distinctive feature which makes us NEPAL’s NO. 1 NCLEX PREPARATION CENTER.
  • 2. Who is eligible to take NCLEX?
  • You can APPLY with us any time. Perhaps, to qualify to join with us you need to have the following:
  • You must be RN of Nepal.
  • We require our RNs to have at least 1-year experience as a bedside nurse.
  • We encourage freshers too to take NCLEX if they want to be RN of USA.
  • (Note: If you are B.Sc. freshers preparing for NNC License, side-by-side you can prepare NCLEX too.)
  • 3. How to apply for NCLEX?
  • The steps in applying NCLEX depends on different states of USA. Each state has its own procedures. The common steps are:
  • CGFNS Processing
  • Applying with Board of Nursing
  • Registering with Pearson Vue and attaining ATT Scheduling your exam
  • 4. What is the duration of the course?
  • We provide four months of course duration. Actually, you need to get your ATT (Authorization to Take Test) for giving NCLEX test. It takes 7 to 8 months to get your ATT. During that period you take your NCLEX Preparation Classes, Also, you can schedule your exam date usually within 90 days after getting ATT. If you join with NCLEX NEPAL, we will provide facility of taking class 4 months plus opportunity of attending our class till you get your ATT. Also, we provide Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) based Mock Test which gives you real experience of NCLEX Test.
  • 5. How much does this program cost?
  • It cost you $1000 USD.
  • 6. When is the next session of NCLEX Preparation Class starting?
  • We have a rotational course system. You can attend your orientation every Sunday and start your classes on Monday.
  • 7. Can Freshers apply for NCLEX?
  • NCLEX NEPAL encourages FRESHERS to apply for NCLEX. Sooner the Better.
  • A recent study conducted by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (a U.S. association whose members include the boards of nursing in all 50 U.S states) determined that lag time to sit for the NCLEX is inversely related to candidates’ pass rate on the NCLEX. Or put another way, as you wait longer after graduation to take the NCLEX your ability to pass it goes down.
  • The publisher of “NCLEX for Dummies” states, “You should take the exam as soon after you graduate as possible because all that information you crammed into your brain is still fresh. Many students wait months before taking the exam because they feel that they aren’t prepared. But longer you procrastinate, the more you have to study, and the less chance you have of passing on your first try. “So, take it as soon as possibly can.”
  • Even Maryam Syed, one of the famous few who have passed the NCLEX in just 7 questions states, “I don’t recommend waiting very long after graduation to take the NCLEX- take it while the information is still fresh.” In case you did not know, 75 questions is minimum number possible in which to pass the NCLEX computer adaptive test, but it can take all the way up to 265 questions.
  • 8. What are the further steps after passing NCLEX?
  • After passing NCLEX, you need to prepare IELTS (Academic) and score Overall 6.5 band and 7 in Speaking band. If you enroll with NCLEX NEPAL, we provide free IELTS Preparation Classes too. After you achieve the desired IELTS score, you need to go through a process for VisaScreen
  • 9. What is VisaScreen?
  • It’s a certificate you receive for having a comprehensive screening service completed that evaluates your credentials, education, and English language skills (IELTS). This certificate is required for healthcare professionals seeking an occupational visa to work in the United States. Applicants who successfully complete VisaScreen receive an official ICHP Certificate for the VisaScreen and you will be required to present an official ICHP Certificate for the VisaScreen and you will be required to present this certificate at the time of your official embassy interview.
  • 10. What type of visa do you provide after passing NCLEX? 
  • We file EB-3 Visa, i.e. Green Cared once you pass NCLEX. (Note: We don’t provide Working Visa. We provide Green Card. It allows all nurses to stay in USA permanently as long as you want.) If you join with us, we make sure your entire immigration cost is waived.
  • 11. Will travel and accommodation facilities are managed after reaching the USA?
  • Yes! Your tickets expenses will be waived. And our team in the USA will arrange your accommodation facilities.
  • 12. Can I bring my family?
  • If you are married, your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 can legally relocate to the United States with you.

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